Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two blissful days

I gotta say, this two days off for the office move thing is making me deliriously happy. This morning, I slept in a bit, had some coffee and a lovely breakfast and then went and ran some errands. This afternoon, I'm doing some house cleaning and then I'm going to have a couple of friends over for dinner. Tomorrow it's a few more errands, getting the toes done, and then I'm going to see the Bourne Ultimatum (because SOMEONE saw it without me even though we had a pact. I don't like to name names, but her initials are ANNI MINGIN). After the movie, I'm going to wander around the DeYoung Museum. In the midst of all this I'll be working on some church stuff, preparing for a worship leaders' retreat in a few weeks and a sermon on Ephesians 2 that's on the horizon (added that in b/c I know Bruce reads this - Hi Bruce).

This morning when I was running the errands, I stopped in to the new DSW Shoe store at the Westlake Village in Daly City. It's very nice - I recommend. I cannot stress this enough: I love shoes. Seriously. Shoes. I love everything about them. I love shoe shopping. If I had unlimited resources, I would have unlimited shoes. I love the smell of a shoe store. I love finding a good deal on shoes. I love everything about them. I wish I had this kind of passion for more important things, and I do in some cases. But I know that I really am this shallow. I love shoes.

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