Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sabbath Experiment

I'm just about done reading Mudhouse Sabbath and the chapter on sabbath held some interesting ideas on the concept of true sabbath. The quote in the chapter that inspired my experiment was from the patriarch of an Orthodox family. When asked why it matters if someone were to microwave a frozen dinner on the sabbath, he responds, "When we don't operate machines, or pick flowers, or pluck fish from the sea...when we cease interfering in the world we are acknowledging that it is God's world."

Today I'm going to acknowledge that it is God's world by not seeing my free Saturday as a day to get done what I need to get done. I'm going to use today to be mindful of God's presence in the world and in my life. We'll see what happens.


michael said...

May God bless you abundantly for being willing to obey Him :)

"For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all his works. And in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest." (Heb 4:4-5)

Happy Sabbath!

Mrs. Donut said...

Please tell us how your Sabbath experiment went.