Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Baby is growing up!

My baby neice Chloe turned 3 yesterday. Three. Years. Old. I can't believe she's 3. I remember the night she was born. My mom kept me posted from the hospital, but the part that meant the most to me was that my brother specifically asked that he be the one to call me when she was born. I love that because those are the moments when I realize that my brother and I are close. We are different in a lot of ways and we don't always agree, but we have great conversations, we value each other and get along well. He is a great dad - Lisa is a great mom. Together, they are great parents.

Chloe is a kid who comes honestly by the need for a lot of structure and doesn't love changes to her schedule. Not that there's anything wrong with that. That's just who she is. So, Todd and Lisa, again being good parents, get that about her and work within that, and have been preparing her for months that when she turns three, she gets the crib parts off her bed and will now have a "big girl" bed. So, here's a picture of her on her big girl bed, showing us that she's three. While cute, I find the way that Ian is splayed out in a turtle-turned-over sort of way to be freaking hilarious! Love my babies.

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