Friday, July 13, 2007

Open to Suggestion

Hello My People!

I have decided to take what I am calling a "Hometown Vacation" (a la George Costanza) the first week of September. Thanks to the Labor Day holiday and our early dismissal here at the KK on Fridays, I get 9 days for the price of 4!

So - I need suggestions. I know I'm going to the beach, to some museums, Conservatory of Flowers, stuff I can't do when I'm at work. Maybe the Monterey Bay Aquarium, etc. What else would you recommend in this great Bay Area of ours?

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Reyes-Chow said...

First, what is the "KK?" Second, if you do go to the Aquarium, be sure to ouse our guest passes. Other suggestions: Alcatraz Night tour (In Italian if you are like L); do the cheesy duck tour or ghost tour; Vi Sattui Winery, Sacramento Sutter's Fort and Old Town, and since you are saving hotel fees, eat our at a differnt ethnic food place every day. A Rachael Ray kind of thing!