Saturday, July 14, 2007

When I Grow Up...

I've made some life decisions* of late and I'm excited to have a bit of direction for myself. Late in the game, I know, but better late than never.

My favorite job of all time was when I worked at the theology library. It played to my strengths, was great fun, and I really dug it. Unfortunately, it paid well below a living wage and they hired someone who was a complete dolt as my boss and I had to get out. The woman asked an assistant to remind her what a monograph was. Seriously. The Library Director. Dolt. Anyway, I loved it and have always wanted to get back into that world.

There is also a pastoral leaning in me that I believe was put there by God and something I want to pursue, on God's timetable, of course. In order to be ordained in my denomination, I have to finish my MDiv which will take some time and money. Fortunately, I have a plan...

One of the (several) benefits for working for the Khaki Khonglomerate (KK) is the tuition reimbursement program. They will, of course, only reimburse for tuition toward a degree program that could potentially benefit them. Fair enough. Unless the KK institutes some sort of Retail Chaplaincy program, they will most likely not pay for my MDiv work. They will, however, pay for me to get my MLIS (Master of Library & Information Sciences) @ San Jose State, which is an online degree program. Ideally, after I finished that, I could get a job in a theology library and then finish the MDiv for free or cheap. If not, KK has archive departments that could utilize my mad librarian skillz, and the salary is significantly higher so I could pay retail for the MDiv.

School will be in session in Fall 2008. Tough to justify new back-to-school clothes for an online degree, but I be I could make it work.

*the term "life decisions" is used loosely and it is understood that God usually has other things in mind that rarely are in line with my plans.

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