Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's fall. Well, starting to be on the calendar anyway. I love fall - it's my favorite time of year, and here's why:

1. FOOTBALL, baby! Sunday night I got to watch the Cowboys (aka God's Team) beat the Giants. It was great. The Cowboys' defense didn't look great, but fortunately the Giants' looked worse. Great way to start the season - let's keep it up! The Giants were riddled with injuries, including a partially separated shoulder for Eli Manning which should keep him off the field for at least a month. It was so great to hear Al and John give the commentary. That John Madden slays me. Particularly funny was an exchange following a teaser for this weeks' guests on Jay Leno. Madden went off on how they get footage of the guests on the show for the promos if they've never been on before. He was baffled. Al didn't know either. They spent some time in conjecture, but never ended up with anything that satisfied them. Hilarious.

Last night, I watched the Cardinals lose unjustifiably to the 49ers in what ESPN's 3 Mikes called an "ugly game." It was ugly. The Cardinals led the whole time and then the 49ers scored with :26 left and then in the Cardinals' last possession, Leinart threw an interception. Awesome. So, the new head coach of the Cardinals goes down in history with the last 9 head coaches who have all lost their first regular season game. That Eric Green is a man to be watched - he and Leinart have the potential to be a great quarterback/receiver team.

On a sad football note, this weekend Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills suffered what doctors call a "catastrophic" spinal cord injury and is unlikely to walk again. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

2. COLORS - I love the warm colors typically associated with fall - reds, browns, deep greens, etc. I love going to BeneFit and getting a new fall color makeover. This year will be particularly fun, because after next week, I will no longer need the eyeglasses, and I will be able to rock my full fabulousness. Along with the colors goes the wardrobe. New sweaters, comfy jeans, hoodies, sassy skimmers or trainers - big fan.

3. FOOD - we begin a season of candy, treats, dinners, parties, etc. I'm so excited! Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday and try to cook a big dinner whenever I can. Candy time starts now and goes through Easter, with colorful M&Ms for every occasion.

4. WEATHER - here in the Bay Area, September & October are our warm sunny months, and it couldn't be nicer! There are all kinds of outdoor concerts, movies, and great things to do. If the evening gets a bit chilly, I can light a fire in the fireplace and curl up with my favorite snack - hot chocolate and cinnamon toast. When I get home for Thanksgiving, it will be sunny, mild, and beautiful. Love it!

5. TV - This Sunday is the Emmys, which kicks off the new TV season. I'm anxious to get back to the happenings on House, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty & Brothers & Sisters. I'm also really stoked for new shows Bionic Woman, Private Practice and Pushing Daisies. Love that DVR.


some chick said...

how cute are you with your little list. awww....

OneoftheWomacks said...

Hey there!
We were watching the Cowboys game too. I thought about you and the time we were at your place and that guy kept freaking out whenever the Cowboys would make a mistake. Good times.
I love your blog. It's quite entertaining. Would love to see you sometime. I know...just pick up the phone, duh!!