Friday, April 06, 2007

Thoughts on the Mandatum

Last night we had our Maundy Thursday service and finally my internal scurrying was brought to a screeching halt. Better late than never, I suppose. As a community, we read the following Mandatum poem and then the questions following are courtesy the RevGalBlogPals blog.

Had I been present at the last supper, I would have joined Peter in protest of having my feet washed by the Master. As a frequenter of the nail salon, I have my feet maintained by others in real life on a regular basis. However, I'm paying them, and it's not necessarly of spiritual significance. I just can't stand having my toes look nasty. The bigger idea of the foot-washing concept is that of receiving. Allowing others to bless us is part of what makes us the church. We use our gifts to bless, but we also allow others to bless and be blessed by giving them opportunities to minister to us. Sounds like I know what I'm talking about, yes? Not so, says the Type A Control Freak.

I'm not so much with the receiving. I hate being the recipient of attention, compliments, gifts, and ESPECIALLY surprises of any kind. Hate. It. There's a real relinquishing of power and even sometimes dignity involved in allowing oneself to be served, and I'm not a fan. I do a lot of the serving and I'm great with that, but I recognize the lack of balance. So, I'm taking this Easter Triduum time to focus on allowing my feet to be washed (metaphorically) and on Jesus as the sacrificial lamb, not me.

Jesus, I would like you to wash my feet
I’ve come a long distance to ask you this
Although I’ve frequently gone from my house to yours
With my boxes of fragrant ointments and my tears
Sincerely believing that this was the best I could offer you
That it was my love which mattered
I was eager, but I didn’t know much about discipleship
Or the true nature of love, and you, always gentle
Never told me I was wrong, but patiently waited
For me to grow in understanding
It has taken a long time, Lord,
But now I fling open the door to my house
And invite you in to cleanse my feet
Of the dust of many wanderings
I will not feel shame to have you kneel before me,
But will gladly receive the mastery of your love
For in receiving I learn the truth of giving
And I become your servant in being served
Lord Jesus, please I would like you to wash my feet.

How do we love the Jesus within ourselves and in others this week?

Have you let Jesus wash your feet? If not will you?

Try taking some time away to think of your love of Jesus, Jesus love for you, and your love for others.

Try not to be the sacrificial lamb this season, instead remember who is the sacrificial lamb.

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