Thursday, June 28, 2007

Innovations in shopping

I'm into fashion and shopping. Not crazy into it, but I keep up with the trends and happenings. Since I came to work at the Khaki Khonglomerate, I have been reading Womens Wear Daily and have been keeping everyone up on the latest trends in design and fashion, etc. Companies are trying desperately to get us to spend our money on their stuff and they are all trying to come up with the coolest ways for us to do it, basically distracting us with shiny objects so we don't notice that we're spending ridiculous amounts of money.

Before I get into what's happening now, let me give a shout out to Liz Claiborne. Ms. Claiborne passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. She was truly an innovator in ready-to-wear. When I was in high school, it was pointless to show your face on campus without a bag covered in the signature triangle. Even though she'd retired in the late 80's, she played an active role in the designs that bore her name. She will be missed.

On our internal website, the CEO has started blogging about our company and what it means to be creative in this business and what our competitors are doing. He invites employees to comment and make suggestions about what we could be doing better. One guy came up with what I think is FREAKING COOL! Of course this will never happen, but just imagine it: a basics vending machine. That's right - a jeans/t-shirt/tank top vending machine. Maybe gift cards too. Wouldn't that be fantastic? You could pop in your card and out comes that white t-shirt you've been meaning to pick up but didn't want to wait in line for. I think it's brilliant. I hope someone doesn't steal it.

From the theoretical to the actual: Ralph Lauren's London flagship has debuted 24 hour Touch-screen window shopping. That's right. You're out, the pubs have closed, and you realize that you need socks or a polo shirt, or perhaps a cashmere sweater. You just happen to walk by the Ralph Lauren store and there is your chance. View the entire catalog, add items to your cart and even get tennis tips. Seriously. Tennis tips.

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