Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Family Vehicle Woes

It seems that our family should divest ourselves of all automotive transportation and walk everywhere. Or get one of those Segway scooter things. My dad is developing way too close a relationship with Bob the Insurance Guy. First, last Thursday, Todd totaled my dad's truck. He's ok - banged up a bit, but ok. The airbags saved him. Chloe gave him her Mr. Strong gel pack, and that did wonders for him.

Then, last night my dad was visiting me on a road trip back home from Vancouver, BC and last night ON MY STREET someone broke the passenger-side window of his brand new Chrysler Crossfire. Awesome. So, I spent all morning helping him try to find a dealer between here and Bakersfield that could repair it. Guess what? There isn't one. So, he is winging his way through the Central Valley in this heat with no side window to a hotel in Bakersfield with hopes that he can get it fixed tomorrow. Oy vey.


Reyes-Chow said...

That sucks!

Tiffany said...

and how