Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There comes a shaking...

I'm sitting on my couch, minding my own business, watching the pilot episode of Samantha Who? when there comes the sound of a freight train and the swaying of the house. We had ourselves a quake - a 5.6 quake. (Please note that the quality is "excellent.") Not the big one, but the moderate one. It would probably vote for John McCain. Apparently, there have been a number of aftershocks but I've only felt maybe one. Of course, I called my parents, which is comforting for me, but less so for them.

In addition to the ground, there has been some shaking of the public relations sort at the Khaki Khonglomerate (KK). This weekend there was a report in a UK newspaper claiming that some Kids Khakis were being made by, well, kids in India. Mad scramble to release statements, president and SVP of Social Responsibility on GMA, etc. Turns out, we have 2,000 factories worldwide, 10% of which are in India. The KK does extensive monitoring of all overseas operations and child labor is an absolute deal-breaker. Obviously, this situation was leaped upon and the facts came to light. One of our factories there subcontracted out to another factory, which is against our policy, and they didn't tell us. Our team went in, found out what was going on, and are evaluating next steps. The main factory that caused this employs 4,000 people and for it to be immediately shut down has a huge economic impact on the area, so the situation is being evaluated responsibly. The product made will not be sold. So feel free to use those Friends & Family cards, folks. No children were used to make the clothing you put on your children.

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LadyBurg said...

Glad you are ok. I've only felt one quake and it feaked me out. Not crazy about the ground beneath me moving. Guess few people are, really.