Monday, October 08, 2007

New unattainable Hollywood crush alert

It seems that I have gotten behind in my actor-ogling. Sure, I'm still true to the old standards - Ben Affleck, John Cusack, Taye Diggs, etc., but there's someone I've overlooked - Timothy Olyphant. In addition to having a fairly cool name, he's damn sexy - who knew? Well, I guess on some level I did, but he's one of those chameleon-like actors whom I don't always recognize until the credits roll. He's known to Deawood devotees, but he's done a good job of branching out and working against type. This weekend, I watched Catch and Release for the first time, and I have to say - wowza. It's a chick movie, to be sure, but a fairly thoughtful one, and I really enjoyed it. Timothy outdid himself with the hotness and Kevin Smith was hilarious comic relief. Put this one in your Netflix, kids. It's worth a look.

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