Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I miss yoga

Today I went to both pilates and yoga classes, and I have to say that I miss yoga more than I imagined possible. I love pilates as exercise and it has a focused element that I enjoy, but today my yoga class was exactly what I needed.

I entered the class and sat down and as I closed my eyes and started breathing a mantra sprang from my heart and into my head and I began repeating in my head, "Jesus Christ be present in my heart." It wasn't anything I tried to think of or chose carefully - it insinuated itself into my consciousness and I kept repeating it. I was very present and focused in the class and by the time we got to Shavasana I was completely relaxed and centered.

I realize now that if I'm going to work toward being more contemplative with my schedule I'm going to need to incorporate a regular yoga practice. Since this class is at work and I'm moving offices next month, I only have 3 classes left. I must figure something out that won't break my budget. Please help.

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