Friday, January 25, 2008

Winter Friday Five

Brrrr! Baby, it’s COLD outside! Have a cup of hot tea and tackle five easy seasonal questions.

1. What is the thermometer reading at your house this morning?

I think it was in the 40s but raining non-stop for days

2. Snow—love it or hate it?

It's ok to visit it but I don't like to live in it.

3. What is winter like where you are?

It's pretty much like the rest of the year. Only a little cooler. I'm in San Francisco.

4. Do you like winter sports? Any good stories?

Not so much. I have skied three times, but each time has gotten progressively worse. I do not do so well with the physical coordination. The last time was 15 years ago and I rolled down the side of the hill and looked something like a Bugs Bunny cartoon where you roll down a hill and the snow accumulates in a big ball. Yeah. That was me. These days I still a little closer to the hot cocoa.

5. What is your favorite season, and why?

Autumn. I love the colors, the foods, football and Thanksgiving.

Bonus: Share a favorite winter pick-me-up. A recipe, an activity, or whatever.

My year-round pick-up solution is a spa day.

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