Thursday, April 10, 2008

Olympic Torch Psych

As the world knows, the Olympic Torch made its only North American stop in San Francisco on Wednesday. My building is right on the torch route and we had a bird's eye view from our 5th floor offices that face out onto the Embarcadero. When it was obvious that both the pro-China and pro-Tibet factions had been duped by the clever Olympic committee and SF Police, they left the scene and caught up with the torch runners and their security detail at Lombard & Van Ness. I am mystified as to why such a controversial Olympic host country would choose San Francisco to visit. Granted, we have a very high Asian population, but hello - protest capital of the world. Whatever. Here are my pictures of the scene on Wednesday as seen from our offices. It also features our view - jealous much?

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Mezzo SF said...

we don't work that far away from one another!! I took some similar pictures! :)