Monday, April 07, 2008

Reflections on the Wiikend

This weekend was a flurry of activity with a good balance of moments of rest. It was really great to connect with friends, share great meals, and generally enjoy the time. Here are the highlights:

  • Dinner and hanging out with Lara. We made a great dinner of seared tuna and salmon, steamed broccoli and salad - delicious.
  • I played the Wii for the first time - created a Mii and everything. I played bowling and some Super Mario Universe game. I was never so much with the video games even when they first came out and we had Atari and Colecovision at our house, but this was kind of a good time.
  • I payed TEN DOLLARS for two pints of Ben & Jerry's. Damn you corner store - damn you!


  • Slept in and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. I love a lazy Saturday AM breakfast. My routine is to eat breakfast while watching The Soup from the night before. Joel McHale is the funniest person alive.
  • Went to the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the Legion of Honor. Photography is my favorite medium because I really love the realism of it and no one captures people in both natural and staged situations like Annie.
  • Got a facial. I have the best facial lady in the free world. More than once I woke myself up by snoring during the process. So don't care though - it was fabulous.
  • I had dinner and hung out with AZ. We had french bread pizzas and caesar salad and chocolate chip raspberry fruit bars for dessert.
  • After dinner we watched The Last King of Scotland. Well-deserved Oscar, Forrest! You played the crazy better that Jack in Cuckoo's Nest.


  • Church in the morning, which was great. We had a great crowd there - only 6 fewer people than Easter - and that was with some regulars being out. I'll write more on our current series on Creation later.
  • Steering Committee Meeting. I have no power - I just have to sit there, so therefore, I will say nothing.
  • I had some time to chill in the afternoon and watched the season finale of New Adventures of Old Christine. That show is absolutely brilliant.
  • Sunday evening I attended a performance of Caroline, or Change in Mountain View. Such a fantastic show - more of a folk pop opera than a musical. One scene in particular was toward the end when Caroline recognized the need for change inside herself, both to benefit her and her children, and it is set in such a way that echoes the scene from Gone With the Wind when Scarlet vows to never be hungry again. In this case, however, it was a woman dealing with internal demons rather than external, and pleading with God to change her and submitting to God's leadership, rather than telling God what God should do. It was very moving and all the performances were excellent.

That's all, but that's a lot. As you might imagine I'm dragging a bit today, but it was all worth it. Good times.

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