Thursday, February 07, 2008

City-fied and Fabulous!

We have nearly come to the end of my first week of being a true city girl - living AND working in the city, commuting on the N Judah, no less. There is nothing more San Franciscan than the N - jostling, diverse, and sometimes a bit smelly. Is it too soon to say that I LOVE it? The N picks up half a block in front of my house and drops me off right in front of my building on the Embarcadero & Folsom. My car is getting a much-needed break after rolling over 100,000 miles last week.

Our offices face the water and have a view of the bay, the arrow and the Bay Bridge - fabulous. The cafe is on the 7th floor and there is outdoor seating on the roof. I can walk across the street to the Ferry Building or down Spear if I want other culinary choices. All the benefits of downtown without the stifling feeling of being surrounded by skyscrapers in the Financial District.

I've joined the gym across the street, with a great corporate plan, gorgeous facilities and friendly staff for a mere $8/month more than what I was paying before. I went to a yoga class there yesterday and I liked it but the instructor will no longer be teaching there as of next week. He's leaving to manage another yoga studo and to more actively pursue his side career as a drag entertainer. Only here. And that's why I love it.

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