Thursday, February 21, 2008

End of strike happy dance

I haven't yet commented here on my elation at the end of the writers' strike, but suffice it to say, I'm stoked. The TV landscape was becoming more bleak by the moment, and while I tried to get into new series that debuted, I didn't watch any of them and have cleared the DVR of their electronic carcases. The one show I did watch all of was Lost - start to finish - and I am now officially caught up and into season 4 and I must say, it's good TV. It's not just folks on an island. It's creepy folks on an island, with polar bears and a monster. And Josh Holloway shirtless. Have I mentioned? HOT.

One of the best things about the end of the strike is that the Oscars will go on. I heart the Oscars. That and the Golden Globes are the only shows I watch and this year's press conference for the Globes was not fun. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch them live as I will be gone this weekend, but I will be watching them Monday immediately upon my return, so DON'T SAY ANYTHING!

Finally, ABC (which is where most of my favorite shows live) has announced the return dates of my shows. They all come back (with a handful of episodes to finish off the season) beginning just in time for my birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

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