Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

So, last Tuesday was my birthday. I'm now 36 years of age and couldn't be happier. As we all know, however, I am in my last official "mid" year of the decade. Let's review: of any given decade, 20s, 30s, 60s, etc., years 1 - 3 are early, 4 - 6 are mid and 7 - 9 are late. However, there is an exception - 4 & 7 can go either way, depending on the circumstance, so while it's my last OFFICIAL mid year, I can stil use mid when I'm 37, situationally of course.

I had a lovely gathering of friends and we ordered pizza and decorated cupcakes. You can check out the pictures here. I got some lovely small gifts, even though I'd said no gifts, because I have lovely friends, and it was nice to just hang with them for the evening.

One of the gifts I got from the church staff was a gift card to Sur la Table, which is PERFECT, since I love to cook and am addicted to all things kitchen-related. Not being one for this "delayed gratification" that I've heard so much about, I went online immediately and shopped my little mouse off. Quickly ruling out the practical, I chose to go for something I've had my eye on FOREVER - a Cuisinart Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Maker. Even better? IT'S BRIGHT RED!!! Not one to be deterred, I also purchased a matching scooper and dessert dishes. I'm now scouring the interwebs for ice cream recipes and am looking forward to making a favorite of mine - lavendar and dark chocolate.
Behold the wonder of my new purchase and feel free to post some flavor recommendations!!


The Swandive said...

Just the most joy filled birthday (belated) wishes to you. My kitchen is decked out with red gear, and now I have a new kitchen appliance on my wish list. Happy happy.

Pink Shoes said...

Oh, I love the red appliance.
And accessory.
And, well, the red cabinets that will soon be in my kitchen.