Saturday, May 10, 2008

Less than Awesome

Last night was so far the least ideal MUNI commute I've experienced. First, there was a 30-minute wait for a train that repeatedly said it would be arriving in 9 minutes. Then we were in the Duboce tunnel and all of a sudden the train screeched to a halt, people went sliding, falling on each other, etc. The driver got on the speaker and said that the emergency break circuit flipped and he had no control over it and couldn't flip it back so the train couldn't move forward. I considered calling my Mom in case we wouldn't be out by Sunday. We were stuck in the tunnel for about 30 minutes. Then when the train finally got moving, we were told that it would stop at the UCSF campus and have to turn around, so we would have to get off there and wait for the next train. After waiting for 10 minutes for a train that said it would be arriving in 1 minute, I struck out walking. The stop is at 2nd and Irving and I live at 7th and Irving, so it's not far, but it was windy, freezing and I had to pee. I finally arrived home around 8 after leaving work at 6:30. Less than awesome.

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