Saturday, May 17, 2008

Random Thoughts on the ATL

  • The weather here has been amazing. The first day it was raining, but the last two have been sunny but not too warm and the evenings have been downright cool. It's as though we've done a weather swap with SFO.
  • Some company that makes paper toilet seat covers needs to sweep through here - they would make a fortune. I've yet to find a public restroom (or even the ones in the church) that has them. Ew.
  • Tonight after dinner a group of us went to Fat Matt's Rib Shack. It's known as one of the best blues places in ATL. The menu offers ribs, chicken or ribs and chicken. We ordered ribs. The dessert menu was pecan pie, so that was dessert. Chris Webb, who's from Wales and never been to the south refused to pick up the ribs with his hands because it was "barbaric", so he at them with a fork. So wrong.
  • One more thing about Fat Matt's - the restroom doors are marked "Duke" and "Dutchess." It seemed strange that they would be so specific as to provide restrooms for women from Holland, but I'm not from around here, so I don't know how they do things.
  • All of the blues places seem to be named for men with physical maladies - Fat Matt's, Blind Willy's, etc.
  • I have not at all adjusted to the time change and don't know if I will. The body is stubbornly insisting that it's only 9:48 PM and in the morning it does the same. I don't think I'll fight it.
  • Liquor Stores here are called "Package Stores." Where I'm from that would mean something entirely different.
  • There are these places lit up with neon called "Spas" but I have a hunch that they're not the spa I'm thinking of. Spa and neon don't really go together for me.

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Mezzo SF said...

hahahhaha omg. this was funny. i love the south!!