Friday, June 27, 2008

RevGals Friday Five - Summer Reading

I'm a serious bibliophile and reader. I started reading on my own at the tender age of 3 and have never stopped. I used to read the dictionary. When I was in the 3rd grade I had to get permission from my parents to check out books from the more advanced sections - so I could read historical biographies. I remind me of Anthony Michael Hall's character in The Breakfast Club. When Emilio Estevez asked him why he had a fake ID in his walled, he curled his lip in a disdainful sneer: "So I can VOTE." Exactly. When I went to Powell's Bookstore in Portland, it sent me into a straight up bookgasm. I keep buying them even though I don't get to reading them because just the accumulation of books makes me feel literate. My favorite job to date was Circulation Supervisor at the theology library where I went to seminary. Currently, I do audio books through because I listen to them on my train commute to and from work.

This week, then, a Summer Reading Friday Five.

1) Do you think of summer as a particularly good season for reading? Why or why not?

Since I've not operated on an academic calendar for some time, I pretty much read year round. When I was in seminary, though, I took the summer off of reading becauase I was actually sick of it. And during those years I only read theology, church growth or spiritual formation stuff. I've currently swung the complete opposite direction and am now only into fiction with your occasional spiritual formation text.

2) Have you ever fallen asleep reading on the beach?

I've fallen asleep reading in a lot of places.

3) Can you recall a favorite childhood book read in the summertime?

My favorite books were the Little House Books, Nancy Drew books, Phantom Tollbooth, The Trouble with Jenny's Ear, and Island of the Blue Dolphins. Again - I read year-round, so time of year not applicable. Also, parents limited TV in the summer to 2 hours a day, so I read a lot anyway.

4) Do you have a favorite genre for light or relaxing reading?

I'm enjoying modern fiction. I'm currently reading Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie. I'm also obsessed with Jewish Culture, so I love all of Chaim Potok's books. I've not found Chick Lit to be terribly worthwhile because it usually just makes me feel dumber.

5) What is the next book on your reading list?

And Sometimes Why by Rebecca Johnson

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Songbird said...

Hadn't thought of Island of the Blue Dolphins in a long time; thanks for the reminder and for playing this week!