Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

  • Friday evening I saw the Sex and the City Movie with a friend and some of her friends. I have to say I really liked it, but my expectations were incredibly low. I watched the show, but I recognize that it wasn't necessarily good, but merely addicting. I felt like the film was very true to the progression of the characters in the series. All the outcomes were fairly predictable and made sense. The character of the assistant was meh. I understand the need for the character because she was a catalyst for Carrie's process, but anyone could have done it. The casting of Jennifer Hudson seemed tokeny. There wasn't enough written in nor did she bring to the character anything that made it her own. Insert young twentysomething actress here.
  • Saturday was quite full. The first thing I did was get a pedicure. For some reason I was obsessed all week with getting my toenails painted hot pink, so I did.
  • I had a bridal shower for a work friend in the afternoon. I'm not really a fan of the shower, mainly because of the ridiculous games they make you play at them. WTF? So, I showed the girls by winning 2 of the 3 games and taking the prizes away from the formerly perky and squealing shower goers. I got a bottle of wine that was wearing a dress and movie tickets. I hate the game but I play to win!
  • There was a woman at the shower who is, not psychic maybe, but more spiritually sensitive, psychicish, I guess. Anyway, she was quite taken with me and immediately asked how old I was. She said that I have an extremely old soul and have been around a number of times. Apparently in my last life I was a person of high importance but great tragedy befell me. I don't really buy the whole reincarnation thing, but I think she picked up on my spiritual proclivities and used the language that she knows to describe what she sensed.
  • In the afternoon I went to the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto to visit a friend whose 3-year-old son just had a kidney transplant. She and I walked around the Stanford Shopping Center and I was very good and didn't buy anything.
  • In the evening I had dinner at Elaine's house. Elaine is a delightful woman from my church community who lives down the peninsula and she had a visitor from SoCal called Jennifer. We had a lovely evening discussing life, faith, church, travel and family. I love meeting new friends with whom I can have great discussion and share thoughts on faith. I hope to be able to spend more time with Jennifer and continue our discussion.
  • Sunday morning church was a little chaotic. We had some coffee problems and we were all doing a good bit of running around, but we all made it work. Afterward, I came home and sat out in my back yard and read a magazine and enjoyed the warm sunny afternoon. Then I made some seared scallops and sauteed spinach for dinner and homemade shortbread and chocolate ice cream for dessert. It's been a lovely weekend.

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