Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AIDS Walk Sponsoring

Hi Folks -

Just wanted to let you know that there's still time to sponsor me in this year's AIDS Walk. This Sunday, I'll be joining thousands of folks as we step out to fight AIDS around the world. I'm double-dipping, team-wise, and am walking for my work team and the Presbyterians. It's a huge event and I'm so excited to be walking this year - it's my first time! I've always had church gigs that prevented it or have been traveling. This year, we relocated our community gathering to be the AIDS Walk. Last year there were maybe 10 people at church, so we decided to go ahead and move everyone over. If you'd like to sponsor me, click here, and it will take you to my page. Remember - my company matches all donations of $25 or more, so your money can do double the good. Thanks!

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