Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday at the Office

  1. Chocolate fondue spread with fruit, pretzels and home-made marshmallows
  2. A cakegasmic multi-layered chocolate confection that defies all convention and description – proof of God’s existence.
  3. PKD's peacock boots
  4. P completely embarrassing T during a discussion on the extent to which we wear our brands - I'm KK all the way down to my dainties and apparently T felt like he didn't want to know that
  5. A disturbing IM conversation between me and J re: finding men with hairy backs on craigslist
  6. A rumor that they are taking away our 50% discount – that would be LESS THAN AWESOME
  7. A particularly good hair day for me
  8. Another cookie bet with R because she WON’T PUT AWAY HER DAMNED FILES. She has until end of day tomorrow.
  9. I’m considering applying for a Recruiting Coordinator position in GID. I spoke with K about it and with someone who was in the position and I think I may go for it.
  10. A great phone conversation b/t SVP and his wife b/c SVP has invited people to the house that they’ve recently moved into and only told her around 6:00 PM.

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