Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday Five on Saturday - What's in a Name?

1. So how did you come up with your blogging name? And/or the name of your blog?

I don't use an alias for myself, so my blogging name basically came from my birth certificate. The name of my blog was explained in my very first post. I'd heard Avery Badenhop speak on his flying work and he said "God loves it when I fly." I decided to name this Flying Lessons because I'm learning how to become the best version of myself with God's help.

2. Are there any code names or secret identities in your blog? Any stories there?

I just use first initials for people whom I'm quoting and I use other people's code names that they have for themselves. I use a code name for the company I work for - the Khaki Khonglomerate, or KK. The only story there is that I don't want to get fired. It's pretty easy to figure out, though.

3. What are some blog titles that you just love? For their cleverness, drama, or sheer, crazy fun?

I loved Peripatetic Polar Bear, but she has closed up shop. I'm ashamed I didn't think of Shoephoria first. Apocalypstick is a great name as well.

4. What three blogs are you devoted to? Other than the RevGalBlogPals blog of course!

1. McWatterblogged
2. La Vie en Route
3. Random Laundry

dooce is sort of the "R S T N L E" of this question.

5. Who introduced you to the world of blogging and why?

My pastor, Bruce Reyes-Chow. He didn't so much introduce me, I guess, as he made it seem less narcissistic than I previously thought. I'm not sure how I was introduced - just one day it was there.

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