Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ever wonder where they keep the most incompetent people in the world?

Never fear, I have found them and the good news is that they're keeping them all in one place. CPS Human Resources is the home of the World's Most Incompetent People, rivaling the DMV and the Post Office for worst customer service rating.

I had the great privilege of spending today, my one year anniversary at the Khaki Khonglomerate, becoming a Notary Public - well, beginning the process at least. After spending a soul-killing 6 hours in a "class" with Harris, a seasoned notary who has encountered every kind of notarizing anomaly and has handled them all with ethical adroitness befitting the office. We finished the course at four and our class of well over 100 was put in the hands of the folks at CPS for the purposes of proctoring our 30-question exam. The room-clearing and registration process took an infuriating hour and twenty minutes because of their bumbling, shuffling, disorganized incompetence. There were only 3 people there to handle our group, and they claimed that 2 of them didn't show. Not. Our. Problem.

It would be fine spiritual remuneration for me to have not passed because of my serious case of test rage, but it was truly awful and if in another 4 years when my commission expires and I have to do the whole thing over again, I may just quit.

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LadyBurg said...

Yikes. Good to know where they all are - although - I think a few might have escaped.