Monday, March 24, 2008

Open-source Homiletics

My next time up to preach @ MBCC is on May 11th. That date may ring some bells because not only is it Mother's Day, but it's also Pentecost. Last year, Pentecost fell on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. Seems as though the Holy Spirit is tired of so much attention and is hiding behind Hallmark and we-have-the-day-off-but-don't-know-why holidays. Nice try, but I'm on to you, Spirit! As mentioned in an earlier post, my sermon title is, "Your Mother is On Fire." My plan is to talk about the role of the Spirit as an encourager and nurturer, the birth of the church, etc. I'm planning to work in some info on my favorite Hebrew word, ruach, which means "compassion" but comes from the word for "womb."

However - I'm also looking from some insights from my readers. Do you have a favorite painting, poem, quote, thought, song, book, whatever, on the Holy Spirit? I'd love to hear it and when I'm all done, I'll post the manuscript and show you where your input was incorporated. Thanks!

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Pink Shoes said...

Could you do something with red cloth in the baptismal font? Sort of a play on the swaddling/mothering/womb/birthed from the Spirit image?