Thursday, March 20, 2008

It pays to sit next to the folks in Loss Prevention

Today I took a little lunch break to stimulate the economy over at our Flag Ship Store. Not too much, mind you - I'm being careful about that, but just a couple of things I actually did need. One of the items was a pair of brown dress pants that were on a pretty deep sale. As I left the store, I set off the alarm, but no one stopped me and I assumed that they forgot to desensitize one of the soft tags, because that's what we're using now in almost all of our clothes. When I got back to the office I was transferring my items from one bag to another and I noticed that there was one of those actual plastic sensors on the leg of my pants. Blast! Fortunately for me, I'm two cubes down from the on-site rep for that company and she had the thing to take the sensor off my pants. Another good day at the Khaki Khonglomerate.

PS - I went up to this "Tea" thing we had to celebrate a new brand store opening in London and totally unwittingly cut in a huge line and grabbed some shortbread. Yikes - sorry!

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